Joseph P. Novelli, P.E., LSRP

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Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and Preliminary Assessments: What are the environmental concerns of the property you are thinking of buying or selling that may require further investigation?  I have conducted many Phase I Environmental Site Assessments over the years in accordance with the ASTM Standard Practice E1527, as well as Preliminary Assessments (the NJDEP’s version of a Phase I ) in accordance with N.J.A.C. 7:26E-3.1 and 3.2.  I can provide a list of the sites for which I have conducted assessments upon request.  With regard to the Phase I's, I think that I do a better job than most firms because I truly care about the quality of the service and the purchaser’s need to establish a pre-purchase defense to CERCLA (i.e. Superfund) liability.  I don’t just fill in blanks on a report; I actually think about the project.  Many firms will send an inexperienced person to the field to do the inspection, simply to cut the price on the project.  With my work, you get the most experienced person possible doing the job.  I always say “if the job doesn’t start right it definitely isn’t going to end right”.

Site Investigations / Phase II Environmental Site Assessments: Are any areas of concern contaminated, as well as which media (soil, ground water, surface water, etc.)?

Remedial Investigations: To what extent (i.e. horizontally and vertically) has the contamination migrated?

Remedial Actions: What is the most appropriate and most cost-effective cleanup strategy for the site?

Industrial Site Recovery Act sites

Underground storage tank closures, abandonment in place, etc.

Litigation support including case file review, depositions, etc.

And more...